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Atte Elias Kantonen, a path with a name (Soda013)

Atte Elias Kantonen is a composer and sound designer based in Helsinki, Finland. “a path with a name” follows well-received releases on Mappa and Active Listeners Club, and finds Kantonen expanding the scope of his dynamic and idiosyncratic practice. Here, he places his listeners within an auditive diorama, affording them myriad views of the microscopic landscapes contained there within. An oneiric narrative is established from the opening track, in which a heavily treated voice proposes a dialogue and introduces us to the wonders of the soundscape. This speaker appears at various points throughout the record, functioning as guide, confidant, and friend. Those familiar with Kantonen’s prior output will immediately recognize the shapeshifting, 3D timbral constructions presented here, arrangements that are positively overflowing with glimmering, delicate, polyphonic detail. This is a record that invites and welcomes speculation about the nature of the quest that it sets its listeners out upon, with Kantonen offering up trail markings to provide (dis)orientation before turning them loose to explore the soil, moss, and tide pools.

All tracks composed, recorded, and mixed by Atte Elias Kantonen. Voice on tracks 1 and 4 by Maya Oliva. Mastered by Kassian Troyer at D&M. Art/design by Felix Luke & Alex McCullough. This work was supported by the Finnish Music Foundation.