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Eric Lanham, Objet Dirt (Soda009)

Over the past fifteen years, Florida-based multi-instrumentalist Eric Lanham has quietly generated a diverse and remarkable body of work both as a solo artist and in group settings. From the disorienting drone/collage ecstasies of Caboladies, his trio with Christopher Bush and Ben Zoeller, to wildly divergent solo flights under both his own name and as Carl Calm, Lanham’s carefully meted out recordings display the talents of a chameleonic composer who is as capable a sound designer as he is unconcerned with trend in experimental electronic music or notions of prolificness. “Objet Dirt” arrives ten years after “The Sincere Interruption,” his excellent longplayer for the now defunct Spectrum Spools imprint. Captured live, these compositions are brimming with kinetic, elastic, off-grid rhythms, an articulate and enigmatic language that restlessly darts around the stereo field. Of the collection, Lanham says "I haven’t made a single piece of music that sounds like this since and it is hard to imagine doing so again.” If this is the case, the 20+ minute closer is a formidable final document. At once chaotic and tightly controlled, it is a torrent of coiling low-end, submerged and stretched rhythms, and seething high-end filigree that is as indebted to the hungry ghosts of free improvisation as it is anything resembling techno.

Composed on an Elektron Octatrack and captured live "to tape" from its main stereo outputs. Four tracks (A1, A2, A4, B1) contain minor edits of omission. Two samples provided by Jeff Witscher. Recorded December 2016 in Florida, USA. For Heidi.