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Mister Water Wet, Cold Clay from the Middle West (Soda014)

Iggy goes West! Soda Gong is over the moon to welcome back Kansas City-based musician Iggy Romeu with his latest collection as Mister Water Wet. "Cold Clay from the Middle West" is a (characteristically) sharp left turn from his last two records, with Romeu offering up a surprising and addictive melange of crackpot Americana and smoky noir beat science. “Cold Clay Suite” opens the record, a five-part ride into the sunset that features Cooder-esque guitars, cat-gut fiddle, horse-hoof percussion, stadium organs, penny whistle, and bleary-eyed polysynth ruminations, among sundry other ephemera. Multi-instrumentalist Will Yates, known to most as Memotone, shows up three times on the album, lending clarinet, keys, guitars, banjo, sarangi, and vibraphone to these kaleidoscopic productions. It’s a wild ride of a record akin to following a dotted bridleway on a crumpled old map, marvelously variegated and stitched together as only MWW knows how. Get along, now.

Written and recorded by Iggy Romeu. Additional instrumentation on tracks 1, 2, and 4 by Memotone. Mastered by Kassian Troyer at D&M. Cover painting by Daniel Kerrison Stock. Art/design by Alex McCullough and Felix Luke.